Freeing Creativity Retreat
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ronora lodge & retreat Center | watervliet, michigan

September 25-27, 2020


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What is the Freeing Creativity Retreat?

You are invited to the beautiful Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center in Southwest Michigan for an inspiring weekend retreat designed to free your creativity. Brittany and Stephanie fuse their skills in art, yoga, and mindfulness in a way that will pull you out of your daily grind and spark your innate creative abilities. This retreat offers time and space to develop your sense of expression, put you in tune with your intuition, and provide tools for you to experiment with and take into your daily life. Find out more about us and our motivations for the Freeing Creativity Retreat! 


freeing creativity retreat


This weekend retreat will serve in clearing your mind, resetting the body, and freeing your creativity. The activities will highlight themes of spontaneity, affirmations, and self-expression. Expect to be respectfully challenged all while having a fun, peaceful, and enlightening time. 


Yoga and meditation will help you ground in the body, clear your mind, enhance your attention to detail, and get your creative juices flowing.


explore watercolor washes & mandalas


Turn to nature as a source of peace and inspiration.


Clear your headspace and live freely in the intuitive body.

Be inspired by the surrounding landscapes.