Take a look around at some additional resources and insight regarding the benefits mindful art and yoga practices have to offer. Click on the titles below for direct links to articles that discuss the therapeutic connection between yoga and the arts. Continue on to find Brittany and Stephanie's personal reflections on creativity, as well as testimonials from previous Freeing Creativity participants. Check back for updates!

Awaken Your Inner Artist: Yoga & Creativity by Karen Macklin

Tap into higher inspiration and refine your artistic skills with yogic tools and teachings that empower creative expression.


Study Says Making Art Reduces Stress, Even If You Kind Of Suck At It by Priscilla Frank

Researchers found that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body.

How Yoga Unlocks Creativity by Azriel ReShel

Practicing yoga can rewire your brain for innovative thinking


Creativity as a Means of Coping with Anxiety by Frances Gaezer Grossman PhD

Creativity is a faculty which the scientists term species specific. It is an ability which is possessed only by human beings. No other species on earth can create anything.

The Science of Creative Insight & Yoga by Jeffrey Davis M.A.

Three correlations between yoga & creativity can lead to future studies. 


Flow States and Creativity by
Steven Kotler

Can you train people to be more creative?