Freeing Creativity stems from Brittany and Stephanie’s desire to share with you deep-rooted parts of their lifestyles that directly stem from their creative natures. They believe that both movement and the arts overlap in their sense of expression and freedom. They understand the essence of creativity as an infinite source of inspiration that permeates into many areas of life; personally, professionally, and beyond.
    Yoga and meditation will help you ground in the body, clear your mind, enhance your attention to detail, and get your creative juices flowing. The artwork practices take the awareness developed in yoga and translate it through watercolor or ink onto paper. The Freeing Creativity Retreat is one of quality and connection, fun and possibility. Brittany and Stephanie are both down-to-earth people who are ready and willing to share their passions with you.


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community
and a healthier way to do business.


About Stephanie

Stephanie Williams, RYT 500 of Zen Movement Studio, has always embraced yoga throughout her life in some way, shape or form. Being formally trained in dance, gymnastics, and team sports, she grew up in constant playful wonder of the body. From a family of artists and musicians, Stephanie was always encouraged to create and explore. Art classes, creative journaling, and inspiring travel have all been staples in her life. Education is another staple, as she is currently enrolled as a Level III Clinical Extern within the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy in Royal Oak, MI. As a yoga teacher, Stephanie aspires to teach clean and welcoming classes, with attention to safe progression, alignment, and structural flow. She has fun creatively using words to describe the subtitles of form, breath, and movement. Students learn to keeping their yoga practice by becoming aware of these subtleties, cultivating energy from within, and embracing their spirits. Stephanie also enjoys hiking, Crossfit, adventuring, and quality time with those closest to her. 
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About Brittany

Brittany Zeller-Holland hails from Michigan's Upper Peninsula and much of her spirit stems from an upbringing that embraced nature, creativity and travel. From a very young age, she knew she was destined for a career in a creative industry. After obtaining a degree from Kendall College of Art & Design in Illustration and completing an internship at Hallmark, she worked with several highly regarded studios and agencies as an in-house illustrator and designer. For the past 3 years, as the paintbrush behind her business, Two if by Sea Studios, Brittany has been creating surface pattern and product designs for companies all over the world. Beyond patterns, she has a penchant for watercolor, gouache and hand lettering. Her long time connection with yoga has allowed her to flourish and focus in her creative endeavors, providing moments to let her mind empty and come back fully aware and inspired. Aspiring to send authentic designs into the universe, Brittany has recently been relishing in collaboration, wandering and wholehearted relationships built through the yoga and creative communities in Southeast Michigan as well as in her new home state of North Carolina.

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