2019 Attendee Survey

The Freeing Creativity team is interested in learning about your experience at the 2019 Retreat at Ronora Lodge & Retreat Center. Please complete this brief 12-question survey and share your thoughts. We'll use your feedback to make future Freeing Creativity events the best they can be!

How happy were you with your personal experience during the retreat? *
Did you feel welcomed into the group, and treated with kindness and respect? *
Would you attend another Freeing Creativity Retreat in the future? *
Are there any improvements Brittany and Stephanie can make to their offerings, interactions, or delivery of content? *
Would you consider a 3 night retreat? *
In terms of value, was your reaction to the registration fee in line with the quality of the retreat? *
What sort of content would you be interested in exploring either in a future retreat or a local day event? *
Would you recommend the Freeing Creativity Retreat to your friends or family? *